Our Patented
Heat Pumps Eliminate
Carbon Emissions

Sencera heat pumps use no refrigerants, and can be used for both heating and cooling. They are more efficient than current vapor-cycle systems, reducing electrical demand for the same heating or cooling capacity.

There is an increasing demand to decarbonize HVAC now and in the future.

Industrialization of several high-population countries and increased temperatures worldwide have led to increased demand for air conditioning, with AC systems now the fastest-growing use of electricity in buildings. Further, many countries would like to reduce the use of fossil fuels for heating, and so there is also a large demand for electrically driven heat pumps. However, air conditioning technology has changed little from the original vapor-cycle machines introduced over 120 years ago.

Sencera heat pumps address the major issues with current air conditioners and heat pumps. Our systems move more heat for less electricity than conventional systems and they eliminate the use of refrigerants which leak and have high GWP – typically thousands of times that of CO2.

As the world warms, cooling becomes a requirement rather than a convenience.

If increased demand is met from vapor-cycle machines, cooling contributes to the CO2 problem due to its energy inefficiency and high-GWP refrigerant use. An alternative cooling system is essential for decarbonizing cooling and improving grid efficiency.

Air conditioning represents 5% of greenhouse gas emissions today globally. It is also the leading cause of blackouts, high electricity bills and fossil fuel consumption. High efficiency heat pumps are a large part of the strategy to drive down carbon emissions and reach a Net Zero goal in the building sector by 2050.

Sencera refrigerant-free heat pumps can help to “move the needle” in climate change by eliminating CFC and hCFC pollution. Our Stirling heat pumps are the future of “green” heating and cooling systems. Large-scale deployment eliminates CO2 emissions on a gigaton scale.

Reduce Carbon Emissions
Reduce Energy Use
No Harmful Refrigerants

Refrigerant-free, high efficiency, zero carbon heat pumps that are biologically & environmentally harmless.

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